LOGOS is a program for all ages based on Acts 2:24 and therefore has four main elements – Bible Study, Worship Skills/Choir, Recreation Play, and Family Time/Dinner.  At Grace First LOGOS is on Wednesdays during the school year from 3:45 – 8:15 p.m.  The conviction of the LOGOS ministry is this:  Nurturing people, especially young people, into right relationships of faith with God through Jesus Christ is THE most important thing the church ever does.  This right relationship with God will help all of us see the world through “God eyes” so we will treat others as children of God.  The ability for us to do this will make a huge impact on our lives now and in the future.



3:45-4:45 - Snack and Recreation

4:45-5:15 -  Children's Choir & Youth Handbells

5:15-6:00 -  Bible Study

6:00-7:00 - Dinner

7:00–8:15 – Adult Choir



Grace First offers opportunities for all ages to participate in singing to worship God. Our children’s choirs, the Cherub Choir for grades K-3 and the Carol Choir for Grades 4-6, practice on Wednesday afternoon and are open to any children who want to sing and learn rhythm, group singing manners, and choral singing. They sing in Grace First worship on Sunday regularly through the year.