Facility Rental



The members of Grace First Presbyterian Church consider our building to be God's workshop that is open to all who would use it for Christian purposes, believing we are in this community to serve all in God's name.

Our facilities were planned and constructed to serve almost daily for many years, and it would show our lack of concern and poor stewardship to our Lord should we limit its use to infrequent utilization by members only.

With church activities taking precedence in scheduling, the use of our facilities by community organizations is encouraged and welcomed.  Use of facilities by all groups (whether meeting regularly, or occasionally) must be scheduled through the church office. Request forms are available in the church office and should be filled out and returned in a timely manner. All fundraising endeavors must be approved by church Council/Session. 

         1.  The Sanctuary was planned and constructed as an expression of worship within the Reformed tradition and 

              thus will be used only for worship and religious purposes.


         2.  The use of the church organ will be administered by the Director of Music and/or one of the pastors.

              The Worship & Music Ministry and/or the Director of Music may make recommendations to the church 

              Council/Session to schedule organ recitals and concerts.

        3.  Fundraisers must be approved by church Council/Session on a case by case basis. 


        4.  Permission to use the facilities other than the sanctuary will normally be given to such groups as:

                 a.  Youth groups which are properly supervised

                 b.  Non-profit adult civic groups, community affairs

                 c.  Family reunions, receptions, recitals, and other such activities

                 d.  Voters and workers in local, primary and general elections

       5.  We provide these facilities to groups in the community without charge (except as listed in item 6) as part of     

            our community ministry to Weatherford. Members of Grace First Presbyterian Church and groups sponsored 

            by Grace First may use church facilities free of charge, but the appropriate paper work should still be filled out

           and returned in a timely manner. If you or your group would like to make a monetary donation to help cover 

           utility expenses, it would be appreciated.

      6.  Charges are incurred when:

               a.  The kitchen is used

               b.  Items are damaged or missing and need to be replaced

               c.  Consumable items are used

               d.  Any help by the church staff is required

               e.  The group is over 50 people

                f.  The meeting lasts in excess of three hours


      7.  The following charges will be applied:

               Use of kitchen                                       $50

               Groups over 50 people                        $50 for first 3 hours; $25/hour thereafter

               Additional items referenced in item 6 will be charged on an individual basis.  


These charges will be billed by the church office to the person making the reservation. (Charges for weddings and receptions are covered under a separate policy).

     8.  Each group using the facilities is responsible for its own set-up and clean-up. The church does not have a

          dumpster or facilities for the storing of trash until pick up day. You are responsible for providing trash bags and

          the removal of any trash generated by your group.


    9.  Regularly scheduled meetings by an outside group are not encouraged, but such use may be negotiated by

         that group and church Council/Session, which may involve a negotiated service charge. Church Council/Session

         approval is required prior to the use of the facilities on a regularly scheduled basis. In all such cases, the group          needs to realize that church activities take precedence for the use of the facilities.



Room Request Form - Continuing Use

Room Request Form - One Time Use (only)